Fewer Horses and Bayonets!
President Obama, "We also have fewer horses and bayonets..."

During the October 22, 2012 presidential debate, President Obama famously stated that we also have "fewer horses and bayonets!" This was the start of President Obama's smack down on Mitt Romney's assertion that the United States has fewer ships in the Navy's arsenal than at any time since 1917. President Obama quickly followed this statement by explaining to Mitt Romney that we "also have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land, we have these ships that go underwater nuclear submarines, and so the question is not a game of battleship where we are counting ships."

This was obviously President's Obama's opportunity to show how weak Mitt Romney's foreign policy arguments really are. The fact that Mitt Romney was making such a big deal about the number of ships in the Navy obviously shows how out of touch he is on what a new modern Navy requires to be the best in the world. President Obama's point on this issue may have been somewhat condescending, but it cleary shows his command of this foreign policy issue.

(Original Romney on horse photo: Ethan Hill, Contour by Getty Images. Obama: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Associated Press. Photo illustration by HuffPost)

Similar to the hit phrase "binders full of women," "fewer horses and bayonets" has gone viral over night. Tweets of the phrase have dominated on Twitter with 105,767 tweets per minute and over 6.5 million tweets before the night ended. The phrase quickly had its own hashtag and facebook page. Countless news outlets and other media are mentioning the phrase over and over again.

Here are just a few:

There is even a song already dedidicated to the phrase!

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